Why attend a Biostatistics department as opposed to a Statistics department?

Why attend UCLA Biostatistics as opposed to some other Biostatistics department?

  1. In many respects, Statistics and Biostatistics are quite similar and many Biostatisticians would feel comfortable in a Statistics Department and vice-versa. In Biostatistics, our research problems are generally motivated by real data sets and problems from Public Health, Biology and Medicine. We find that our problems are more interesting than ones without a motivating data set as traditionally happened in a statistics department. Statistical methodology that we develop is guaranteed to have at least one application.
  2. You get a first rate education at UCLA Biostatistics in both statistical theory and statistical modeling. Masters students take Mathematical Statistics (Biostat 202a, 202b), Introductory Biostatistics (Biostat 100a, 100b) and a year long sequence in linear and generalized linear models, Biostat 200A, B, and C and Biostat 215 on Survival Analysis. Biostat 236 on longitudinal data analysis is highly recommended. PhD students take Mathematical Statistics (Biostats 255, 256) and a year long core sequence in linear models and multivariate statistics.
  3. You will have a first-rate faculty to work with and learn from. You will learn practical tools for data analysis and useful theoretical methods for developing new tools. You will have excellent fellow students to learn with and who take classes with you.
  4. All faculty teach classes even if they have lots of research grants! This guarantees contact between students and faculty.
  5. Our faculty work with students in collaborative research projects and in statistical methodology research projects. You therefore develop a better understanding of the context within which statistical methods are applied.
  6. The problems we tackle in Biostatistics are of importance to business, medicine, science and government.
  7. Research in Public Health, Biology and Medicine at UCLA is at the cutting edge of science and policy issues.
  8. Our students get jobs at excellent universities and companies in and around Los Angeles, California, the United States and the World.

Here are some reasons to attend UCLA that aren't as obvious from catalogs or from web sites.

  1. UCLA is located on the Westside of LA, an interesting and safe area of Los Angeles.
  2. In terms of many demographic variables per capita, LA is fairly typical among US city with population over 200,000 people. What makes us exceptional is that we have lots of people.
  3. Did you know that 50% of Los Angeles County is park, national forest and other protected wilderness?
  4. LA is home to many major cultural attractions. There are many major concert halls, theaters, art museums, and sports arenas with new ones popping up every year. There is an enormous variety of movies, dance, lectures, plays, sporting events (including football, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, water polo, swimming, horse racing, hockey, and more), and art. High quality entertainment in nearly all of these areas can be enjoyed on campus or within walking distance of campus. The LA area offers great natural beauty from mountain skiing or hiking to whale watching and beaches.
  5. UCLA Biostatistics is located in the Center for the Health Sciences. This is a single location where all the health sciences including Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Jonson Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the AIDS Institute are all located. No traveling between different parts of a split campus. This connectedness is a wonderful advantage for finding collaborators on research projects, for finding research assistantship jobs, and in some cases, for finding employment after graduation.
  6. Our faculty is very successful at getting grants for developing statistical methods. Many Biostat units are (only) good at getting grants for maintaining large clinical trials data bases; we get those grants too.
  7. The climate on the West side of Los Angeles is wonderfully mild, and boasts the best climate of any major Statistics or Biostatistics department in the country. Staying in shape is an important part of a healthy life. Do you like to play Tennis, Jog, Hike, Swim or play Volleyball to stay in shape? Would you like to be able to do them outdoors all year round?
  8. We'd like you to apply! So fill out that application form now. Arrange for those GRE scores to arrive. And get your letter writers writing letters of recommendations!

For more information, go to the UCLA Biostatistics Home Page.

Some governmental organizations that produce Biostatistical data and where Biostatisticians can often be found. Many of our graduates work at these institutions.

Some Businesses where our students have found employment
These companies are a (small) subset of the places where our students work. This particular list emphasizes but isn't exclusively Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical companies.

Some university departments where our students have found employment
These are a subset of the places where our students work.